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Data center operational technology holds a serious cyber threat

December 9, 2022

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Most people think that Cyber Attacks are only on data systems, but this is now old news. The equivalents to Data Center Operational Technology (DCOT) in other industries are being used by Cyber Criminals to wreak havoc.

It’s time to take a look at the DCOT, which is around the building and infrastructure that houses the racking, to see where the threats to your Data Center lie.

Examples such as the major Cyber Attack on Honda in June 2020 demonstrate that specific ransomware is being designed to attack industrial control system networks – their equivalent of DCOT. In this example, Honda announced that it was forced to put production on hold at plants in the UK, North America, Italy and Japan, which suggests that it was their manufacturing systems that were attacked, rather than their business systems.

Our Managing Director Mike West says: “The biggest loss to a Data Center in the end, is that of trust. If the very company that houses its customers’ precious IT assets, has allowed a data breach in its own systems or facility infrastructure, the resultant loss in confidence can be difficult to recover from. With technology companies standing to lose more than the average in terms both of money and reputation, it is not a situation that a responsible stakeholder can ignore.”

In our paper, we look at the specific risks to Data Centers through the Operational Technology, the potential costs based on industry examples to date, the sizes and locations of Data Centers that are most under threat, a recent case study, and some potential solutions to consider.

Download DCOT Cyber Threat Paper

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