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At Digital Infrastructure Advisors Ltd (DIAL), we specialize in offering comprehensive Audit/Peer Assessment services tailored specifically for Data Center Investment companies.

Our multi-disciplinary approach and commitment to excellence set us apart, ensuring that your digital infrastructure assets are optimized and maximized to their full potential.

What are Audit Assessments?

Audit Assessments are rigorous evaluations conducted by our team of seasoned experts to assess the health, efficiency, and value of your digital infrastructure investments. Our assessments provide you with invaluable insights into your assets, enabling informed decision-making and the identification of opportunities for growth and improvement.

Benefits of Choosing DIAL’s Audit Assessments


Our teams consist of top-tier professionals with diverse expertise in the digital infrastructure landscape. Their international perspective brings unparalleled insights to your assessments, ensuring a holistic approach to asset optimization.


We understand that every client’s needs are unique. Our bespoke multi-disciplinary teams are curated to address your specific business requirements, providing customized solutions to your challenges.


Our commitment to long-term client partnerships means we focus on understanding your objectives. With a foundation of robust governance and expertise, we provide continuity and strategic guidance for both short-term assignments and long-term goals.


We adopt a ‘business first’ philosophy, aligning our efforts with your business objectives. This approach ensures that our recommendations and strategies are not only technically sound but also directly contribute to enhancing your asset’s value within the digital infrastructure sector.


In a complex and evolving industry, our advisory board is your beacon of trust. Comprising esteemed experts from diverse sectors of the data center lifecycle and market, our advisory board members bring their specialized knowledge and successful business acumen to your projects.

Why work with DIAL?

At DIAL, we don’t just conduct assessments; we provide you with actionable insights and strategies that empower you to thrive in the digital infrastructure landscape. With our expertise, international talent pool, and focus on delivering value, we are your partners in maximizing the potential of your digital infrastructure investments.