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Worldwide expertise, independent strategy, technical consultancy, business continuity

We have the best international talent

Our multi-disciplinary teams are focused around the primary objective of optimising and maximising your asset value in digital infrastructure.

Meeting digital infrastructure challenges

We understand that our clients’ needs are complex and we therefore build bespoke multi-disciplinary teams to respond to their business requirements.

Expertise and governance

We provide continuity for our clients by understanding their long-term objectives and short-term assignments within a context of robust governance and expertise.

We maximise the long-term asset value for our clients

We take a ‘business first’ approach to all aspects of our work, ensuring a thorough understanding of our clients’ business objectives, to ensure we deliver the highest level of focused outcomes across all aspects of the digital infrastructure sector.

The DIAL Advisory Board

In a challenging, fragmented and complex industry, our advisory board brings together a team of highly regarded subject experts from across all elements of the data centre lifecycle and market, in all major geographical regions.

Each member of our advisory board is handpicked and, as well as being specialists in their field, they are also successful and established business people in their own right.